Sterling Wall
Desert Tan

Sterling™ Wall System

The Sterling™ wall system is a versatile solution for every landscape. Installation is simple with an easy to locate pin system and a battered retaining wall. This unique block can also be split to make a two-sided unit for a freestanding wall system and column units. The straight split texture provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape design wall.

Project Applications

  • Columns
  • Entrances
  • Stairs
  • Patios

System Performance

Max. Gravity Wall Height: 4’0”

Max. Wall Height: 3’0”

System Batter: 10.6°

Min. Inside Radius: 6’0”

Min. Outside Radius: 4’0”

Available Units

Actual dimensions and weights may vary from these approximate values due to variations in manufacturing processes. Specifications may change without notice. Please visit your dealer for color options, block dimensions and additional information.

XL™ Cap

Height: 0’3”
Front Length: 1’6”
Depth: 1’1”
Back Length: 1’0”
Weight: 44lbs
Front Coverage: 0.38 sq. ft.

Sterling™ Freestanding Wall Block

Height: 0’6”
Front Length: 1’6”
Depth: 0’10”
Weight: 63lbs
Front Coverage: 0.75 sq. ft.
Setback: Vertical

Sterling™ Retaining Wall Block

Height: 0’6”
Front Length: 1’6”
Depth: 1’0”
Weight: 75lbs
Front Coverage: 0.75 sq. ft.
Setback: 10.6

Fiberglass Pins

Height: 0’5”