Diamond® Retaining Wall System, Straight Face

The dependability of Diamond® retaining wall systems has made them the preferred choice for decades. Aesthetically, the natural rock texture and earth tone colors blend easily into any environment. The Diamond Retaining Wall System, Straight Face can be used with geosynthetic reinforcement for tall-wall applications. The straight-split face provides clean lines for a wide range of retaining wall projects.

Project Applications

  • Planters
  • Raised Patios
  • Staircases
  • Terraced Walls
  • Tree Rings

System Performance

Max. Gravity Wall Height: 4’6”

System Batter: 10.6°

Min. Inside Radius: 8’0”

Min. Outside Radius: 4’0”

How to Install a Retaining Wall Outside 90 Degree Corner
Follow these step-by-step animated instructions to learn how to build a retaining wall with an outside 90 degree corner. This video explains how to lay a base course and subsequent courses in a staggered bond. Visit www.anchorwall.com for more information.
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Available Units

Actual dimensions and weights may vary from these approximate values due to variations in manufacturing processes. Specifications may change without notice. Please visit your dealer for color options, block dimensions and additional information.


Height: 0’6”
Front Length: 1’5.25”
Depth: 1’0”
Weight: 72lbs
Front Coverage: 0.72 sq. ft.
Setback: 1.125

6" Corner

Height: 0’6”
Front Length: 1’4”
Depth: 0’8”
Back Length: 1’4”
Weight: 60lbs
Front Coverage: 0.67 sq. ft.

3" Large Cap

Height: 0’3”
Front Length: 1’5.25”
Depth: 0’10.4”
Back Length: 1’0”
Weight: 34lbs
Front Coverage: 0.36 sq. ft.

ShortCut® Split Cap

Height: 0’3”
Front Length: 0’8”
Depth: 1’1”
Back Length: 0’7”
Weight: 23lbs
Front Coverage: 0.17 sq. ft.


Height: 0’6”
Front Length: 1’4”
Depth: 1’0”
Back Length: 1’4”
Weight: 89lbs
Front Coverage: 0.67 sq. ft.

Torpedo® Base Block

Height: 0’4”
Front Length: 1’3.75”
Depth: 0’11”
Weight: 47lbs
Front Coverage: 0.44 sq. ft.

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