Brown house and waterside Diamond Pro beveled concrete stone retaining wall
Detail view of the >> Diamond Pro® Retaining Wall System, Beveled Face

Diamond Pro® Retaining Wall System, Beveled Face

Their time-tested strength makes Diamond Pro® retaining wall systems the contractor’s choice for large-scale projects. The angled plane of the beveled face provides a traditional look. DOT approvals vary by state.

Project Applications

  • DOT
  • Terraced Walls

System Performance

Max. Gravity Wall Height: 4’0”

System Batter: 7.1°

Min. Inside Radius: 4’0”

Min. Outside Radius: 2’0”

The Anchorplex™ Retaining Wall System
The Anchorplex™ retaining wall system offers a unique, nonconventional solution to problematic wall construction sites. It is a retaining wall built with Anchor™ products and self-compacting structural backfill specified by Anchor Wall Systems, and backed by engineering support tools developed by Anchor. When used in combination with blocks of the appropriate shape, the structural backfill attaches itself to the wall facing, effectively extending the depth and increasing the mass of the facing. In addition to reinforcing the block facing, the structural backfill zone also serves as the required drainage zone. Using the Anchorplex retaining wall system completely eliminates the need for the construction of a mechanically stabilized earth zone behind the wall facing and requires substantially less excavation than is usually necessary in grid-reinforced wall construction. Because of these efficiencies and the design flexibility afforded with the Anchorplex system, millions of square feet of such walls have been installed and are successfully performing worldwide. Information in this section is typical and should not be used for construction without the seal, when required, of a registered Professional Engineer in the state in which the wall will be constructed.
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Available Units

Actual dimensions and weights may vary from these approximate values due to variations in manufacturing processes. Specifications may change without notice. Please visit your dealer for color options, block dimensions and additional information.


Height: 0’8”
Front Length: 1’6”
Depth: 1’0”
Weight: 72lbs
Front Coverage: 1.0 sq. ft.
Setback: 1"

8" Corner

Height: 0’8”
Front Length: 1’6”
Depth: 0’9”
Back Length: 1’6”
Weight: 101lbs
Front Coverage: 1.0 sq. ft.


Height: 0’4”
Front Length: 1’5.25”
Depth: 0’10.4”
Back Length: 1’0”
Weight: 47lbs
Front Coverage: 0.48 sq. ft.

Torpedo® Base Block

Height: 0’4”
Front Length: 1’3.75”
Depth: 0’11”
Weight: 47lbs
Front Coverage: 0.44 sq. ft.

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Diamond Pro® Retaining Wall System, Straight Face

The time-tested strength of our Diamond Pro block retaining wall systems makes them the contractors' choice for large-scale projects. The straight-split face of our Diamond Pro products provides a clean, crisp appearance that’s ideal for commercial applications. DOT approvals vary by state.