Flower garden surrounded with ChiselEdge concrete landscape edgers

ChiselEdge™ Edger

Created to keep soil and mulch in place while providing a root barrier to unwanted garden grass and weeds ChiselEdge™ edgers are a perfect addition to the ChiselWall® wall system. Three unique face patterns produced with Anchor’s patented Sculpsit® block-molding technology give the ChiselEdge™ edger its distinctive look, evocative of Old World mason-cut blocks. Ideal for outlining patios, walkways and garden beds, ChiselEdge™ chisel top landscape edging stones feature a smooth back side for installation ease in both straight and curved applications.

Project Applications

  • Entrances
  • Tree Rings

System Performance

Min. Inside Radius: 2’3”

Min. Outside Radius: 2’6”

Available Units

Actual dimensions and weights may vary from these approximate values due to variations in manufacturing processes. Specifications may change without notice. Please visit your dealer for color options, block dimensions and additional information.


Front Length: 0’10.5”
Depth: 0’3.5”
Back Length: 0’9.8”
Weight: 8lbs

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