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Retaining wall system provided a different look that was pleasing with the architecture planned for the golf course development

Key Features

Wall Area

​10,861 square feet; 20 feet high


​Avondale, Pennsylvania


​Easton Block & Supply
Easton, Pennsylvania

Wall Design Engineer

​Soil Reinforcement Design Inc.
Woodstock, Georgia

Wall Contractor

​Easton Block Retaining Wall
Skippack, Pennsylvania


The Challenge

Developers of this Avondale, Pennsylvania golf course housing project needed to maximize the number of homes that could be built on the property while maintaining a feel of open space and protecting wetlands on the sloping property. Skeptical township officials, who had seen segmental retaining walls that didn’t meet their standards for looks or performance, were demanding pleasing aesthetics and long-term durability.

The Solution

​The unique vertical appearance of the Landmark retaining wall system provided the pleasing aesthetics demanded by the township, and the mechanical connection backed up unique looks with superior performance. By using two walls, one over 337 feet long and another 557 feet long, the designer was able to add nearly 100 lots in the development while protecting wetlands and maintaining a spacious feel.

The Results

​Local officials went from skeptics to supporters of the Landmark system based on the aesthetics and performance of the extensive project. The developer was able to improve project finances with the additional lots.

For high performance under extreme loading conditions, the Landmark retaining wall system is a cost-effective option evaluated by HITEC. The Landmark system features a unique mechanical connection, which allows the system to generate extremely high connection values, independent of blocks above the connection. Developed specifically to meet the high standards of the transportation industry, the performance features of the Landmark system make cost-effective design solutions possible using either the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) or the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) design methodology.

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