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Gading Serpong Exit Ramp

​The Landmark retaining wall system made it easier to build this exit ramp in a very tight space

Key Features

Wall Area

​9,850 square feet; 23 feet tall


​Tangerang, Indonesia


​PT. Conbloc Internusa

Wall Design Engineer

​Suryanto Herlambang (M.Sc.)

Wall Contractor

​PT. Lampiri Djaya Abadi

Gading Serpong Exit Ramp Before
Gading Serpong Exit Ramp After

The Challenge

​While preparing a design to meet the demand for an additional exit ramp to the Serpong Highway in Tangerang, engineers faced several challenges. First, the ramp had to be built in a tight location next to a 6-foot-tall reinforced-concrete parapet wall. Then, there were large storm water drainage pipes and several manholes located where the ramp would be built. Also, several light poles and underground electric cables were located in proximity to the wall. Finally, construction timelines were short.

The Solution

​The engineer chose the Landmark retaining wall system when he designed two segmental retaining walls to meet all of the challenges of this exit ramp project. Especially important in his consideration were the time and money saved building with the Landmark system versus using conventional poured-in-place concrete walls. Also, he designed a special concrete cap for the top of the wall to accommodate the traffic barrier and traffic signs.

The Results

​Because of heavy tropical rainfall, construction of the ramp was delayed. However, once construction was started, the two Landmark retaining wall systems were built as planned, still saving time and money. The Serpong Highway now has an additional exit ramp, the nearby wall was not affected during construction and all utilities are accessible.

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