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4 Falls Corporate Center

High-load-bearing wall that supports the access road for the office building, providing strength of the mechanical connection to the reinforcement

Key Features

Wall Area

12,000 square feet; 30 feet high


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania


​Easton Block & Supply
Easton, Pennsylvania

Wall Design Engineer

Soil Reinforcement Design, Inc.
Woodstock, Georgia

Wall Contractor

Easton Block Retaining Wall
Skippack, Pennsylvania

Site Contractor
​Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.
Skippack, Pennsylvania

4 Falls Corporate Center
4 Falls Corporate Center

The Challenge

​Space was the first challenge at this Conshohocken, Pennsylvania location. The site had room for an office building, but not for a driveway next to the railroad tracks. No road meant no building. In addition, pressure for project completion meant construction would begin before water utility work was done. And it was determined that an existing mechanically stabilized earth structure (MSE) on the site wouldn’t be able to carry the additional projected load.

The Solution

By choosing the Landmark retaining wall system, the engineer had the desired high-strength, mechanical connection at the face of the high-load-bearing wall that held up the roadway. Designing the wall so it surrounded a water main rather than burying the line allowed construction to proceed before work began on water utilities. Unique to the Landmark system is the incorporation of a horizontal core enabling the use of structural steel in the face for direct anchorage. By using grouted-earth anchor tiebacks attached to steel walers running through the core of the Landmark unit, the engineer relieved pressure on the existing MSE and stabilized the structure.

The Results

When the 600-foot-long wall was completed, the site had a stable access road, subsequent water utility work didn’t undermine the wall, and the existing MSE was stabilized.

For high performance under extreme loading conditions, the Landmark retaining wall system is a cost-effective option evaluated by HITEC. The Landmark system features a unique mechanical connection, which allows the system to generate extremely high connection values, independent of blocks above the connection. Developed specifically to meet the high standards of the transportation industry, the performance features of the Landmark system make cost-effective design solutions possible using either the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) or the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) design methodology.

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