Soplacas, Sociedade de Placas de Betao, SA.

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Soplacas, Sociedade de Placas de Betao, SA.

Soplacas is a Portuguese company that is dedicated to providing products in the field of environment and landscaping. Soplacas has two plants in Abóboda / Cascais and Tocha / Cantanhede, equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment that allow a high production capacity, maintaining high levels of quality. Since 2001 Soplacas is the licensed supplier of Anchor Wall products to the Iberian Peninsula in the retaining walls area. In addition to retaining walls, Soplacas also has a range of products for decorative paving and water storage.

Anchor retaining wall systems comprise concrete blocks with integral locators that interlock to hold back soil.

Retaining walls are engineered to be built to nearly any height and offer many benefits:

• cost effective

• quick to construct

• proven technology

Manufacturer Locations

Soplacas, Sociedade de Placas de Betao, SA.

Rua Américo
Pestana, Edifício Soplacas,
Abóboda 2785-292 São
Domingos de Rana
+351 21448 1700