​Rowad Modern Engineering

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​Rowad Modern Engineering

Over the past 17 years, ROWAD Modern Engineering has been famous for its excellence, quality and commitment. RME is now recognized as one of Egypt’s top reputable turnkey contractors.

During the past 5 years, RME has acquired such remarkable positioning in a very short time and in several markets, nationally and internationally. Apart from the Egyptian market, RME has gained a strong foothold in various markets including Nigeria, Algeria, Chad and Mozambique.

Moreover, RME is best known for its diversity of operations and services, as we carry out projects in different sectors such as Power Generation, Heavy Industries, Infrastructure, Bridges, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Facilities…..etc.

Anchor retaining wall systems comprise concrete blocks with integral locators that interlock to hold back soil.

Retaining walls are engineered to be built to nearly any height and offer many benefits:

• cost effective

• quick to construct

• proven technology

Manufacturer Locations

​Rowad Modern Engineering

1 Elmahata Square – Maadi Palace
Maadi Sarayat

مكتب المبيعات
رواد الهندسة الحديثة
1 ميدان المحطة – المعادى بالاس – معادى السرايات – القاهرة

Samcrete Building Systems

Address Plot 13, 1st Industrial Zone, Sadat City

القطعة 13- المنطقة الصناعية الاولى- مدينة السادات- مصر