Rinn Beton-und Naturstein GmbH & Co KG

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Rinn Beton-und Naturstein GmbH & Co KG

​Rinn is a privately-held, 100-year-old company managed by its fourth-generation owners. Its headquarters are in the town of Heuchelheim. It has several manufacturing facilities in and around Heuchelheim and in Stadtroda. Rinn produces segmental paving elements and other hardscape products for the residential, commercial, and institutional markets. Its distinctive paving elements are installed in some of the most important urban plazas and commercial districts as well as in residential walkways, patios, and driveways. In 2007, Rinn became a licensed manufacturer of Anchor™ retaining wall systems.

Anchor retaining wall systems comprise concrete blocks with integral locators that interlock to hold back soil.

Retaining walls are engineered to be built to nearly any height and offer many benefits:
• cost effective
• quick to construct
• proven technology

Manufacturer Locations

Rinn Beton-und Naturstein Stadtroda GmbH

Bürgeler Straße 5
07646 Stadtroda
+49 36428 4480

Rinn Beton-und Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG, Werk II

Industriegebiet Oppenröder Straße 10
35463 Fernwald-Steinbach
+49 6404 91230