​Asak Miljøstein

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​Asak Miljøstein

Established in 1914, Asak Miljøstein is Norway's leader in the production of concrete pavers, slabs and edging products. Asak operates manufacturing facilities in Bodø, Stjørdal, Kristiansand, Hønefoss and Fetsund. In 2011, Asak Miljøstein became a licensed manufacturer of Anchor™ retaining wall systems. 

Anchor retaining wall systems comprise concrete blocks with integral locators that interlock to hold back soil.

Retaining walls are engineered to be built to nearly any height and offer many benefits:

  • cost effective
  • quick to construct
  • proven technology

Manufacturer Locations

Asak Miljøstein Norsk | English

Hvamstubben 17
N-2013 Skjetten
+47 64 00 60 60